Main Street UMC, Kernersville, NC

Stained Glass Windows – Resurrection – Lamb of God

“He Is Risen” John 20.1-18 RSV

The resurrection and the Lamb of God symbolizes taking away the sins of the earth. His scarlet colored robe represents the color of “life poured out” to ransom us.

“In Honor of David Lee Neugent, Sr. – Alma Kirk Neugent”
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The windows of Main Street United Methodist Church in Kernersville, North Carolina depict moments in the life of Christ from birth to resurrection. The seven windows were designed by stained glass artist Dennis Harmon of Emmanuel Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Each of the subjects depicted on the windows were suggested by members of the congregation back in 1995. Many people were instrumental in the raising of the funds necessary for these beautiful stained glass windows. Some of them included Allie Higgins Fulp, William J. O’Brien, Sr., John Harmon Linville, Jim & Barbara Swisher, the children of Dorothy & Arnold Stone, Clementine C. Walker, and Alma Kirk Neugent.


All of these windows are featured in a set of cards, available at Main Street’s Office. They are a great gift item and are only $5.

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