Main Street UMC, Kernersville, NC

Stained Glass Windows – Jesus with the Children

“Let the Children Come to Me” Mark 10:13-16 RSV

This represents one of the Bible’s most significant story about the life of Jesus, when he beckoned the children to come to Him. This window is the largest and is found behind the choir loft / alter area.

Each medallion on this main window has a particular meaning. Starting with the symbols in the lower left:


  1. Menorah – a candelabrum or candlestick with seven or nine branches, used in Jewish worship. This symbolizes the connection between the Jewish and Christian faiths.
  2. The Temple at Jerusalem
  3. Bible with oil lamp and sword – The oil lamp depicts Ps 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path”. The sword symbolizes the Bible as a 2 edged sword.
  4. Lamb of God – This represents how the Lamb takes away the sins of the world. It also represents believers who are helpless, prone to wander, and always in need of a shepherd.
  5. The Hand of God – Reaching down to earth.
  6. Dove – Expresses purity and innocence. It also signifies the Holy Spirit and the presence of God as hovering over the water at creation, and above Jesus at his baptism.
  7. Grapes and Wheat – This represents the communion.
  8. Ship w/ Cross – This symbolizes the church in rough waters and how it can be looked upon as a place of refuge.
  9. The Ten Commandments – Moses went up the mountain (Mt. Sanai) and returned with the Tablets that contained the Ten Commandments.

“In Honor of George Vance Fulp – Allie Higgins Fulp”
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The windows of Main Street United Methodist Church in Kernersville, North Carolina depict moments in the life of Christ from birth to resurrection. The seven windows were designed by stained glass artist Dennis Harmon of Emmanuel Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Each of the subjects depicted on the windows were suggested by members of the congregation back in 1995. Many people were instrumental in the raising of the funds necessary for these beautiful stained glass windows. Some of them included Allie Higgins Fulp, William J. O’Brien, Sr., John Harmon Linville, Jim & Barbara Swisher, the children of Dorothy & Arnold Stone, Clementine C. Walker, and Alma Kirk Neugent.


All of these windows are featured in a set of cards, available at Main Street’s Office. They are a great gift item and are only $5.

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