Main Street UMC, Kernersville, NC

Sermons from October 2015

“Looking to the Unseen”

2 Corinthians 4: 13—5: 1 13 It is written: “I believed; therefore I have spoken.”[a] Since we have that same spirit of[b] faith, we also believe and therefore speak, 14 because we know that the one who raised the Lord Jesus from the dead will also raise us with Jesus and present us with you to himself.…

Emotions: DISGUST – The Gift of the Psalms

Psalm 51:1-17 Proverbs 6: 16-19 16 There are six things the Lord hates,     seven that are detestable to him: 17         haughty eyes,         a lying tongue,         hands that shed innocent blood, 18         a heart that devises wicked schemes,         feet that are quick to rush into evil, 19         a false witness who pours out lies         and a person who stirs up…

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