Main Street UMC, Kernersville, NC
2020 October Falling into Prayer

Main Street Daily Prayer Focus – Oct. 1-31


On October 15, we are hosting a Prayer Vigil in our Sanctuary from 7:00am until 7:00pm.  We hope this will provide a special opportunity for you to have some “quiet time” with the Lord.  Sign up for a 15-minute block of time to come and offer prayers or meditate in the peaceful Sanctuary environment. We will have safety protocols in place (hand sanitizer, social distancing, masks are required, temperature will be taken, areas will be sanitized).   Let’s unite our hearts and minds and cover this entire day with prayer!

Sign Up - Prayer Vigil

Suggested Oct. Daily Prayers

October 1 Pray for those who feel far from God
October 2 Pray for those who are involved with online school
October 3 Pray for those who visit our pumpkin patch
October 4 Pray for those who have been affected by the pandemic
October 5 Pray for those affected by addiction
October 6 Pray for Missionaries around the world
October 7 Pray for healing from prejudices that divide us
October 8 Pray for those who feel alone
October 9 Pray for relationships: Families, Marriages, and Friendships
October 10 Pray for those who struggle with mental health
October 11 Pray for our Church Family
October 12 Pray for those who are part of the foster care system
October 13 Pray for the Homeless and the Hungry
October 14 Pray for our Military
October 15 Pray for our Nation and wisdom for our Leaders
October 16 Pray for God’s Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.
October 17 Pray for those who mourn
October 18 Pray for First Responders/Medical Personnel/Researchers
October 19 Pray for Pastors
October 20 Pray for Forgiveness
October 21 Pray for renewed hunger to know God through study and prayer
October 22 Pray for musicians who cannot safely share their talents due to this pandemic
October 23 Pray for Main Street UMC Preschool
October 24 Pray for those who are sick
October 25 Pray for those who have no relationship with God
October 26 Pray for the Elderly
October 27 Pray for protection from all the snares and strategies of the enemy
October 28 Give thanks today.
October 29 Pray for those affected by natural disasters
October 30 Pray for Main Street UMC’s Small Groups
October 31 Pray for All God’s Creatures

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