Main Street UMC, Kernersville, NC

Children’s Choir – Children’s Music Ministry

Vision Statement:

To foster the love of Jesus Christ through music and provide an experience that allows children to connect to the church, discover new talents, and develop lifelong skills for worship.
Childrens Choir 2019
Children’s Choir has been a long-standing tradition here at Main Street UMC.  For years we have watched hundreds of kids worship God through music and sound.  However, in our ever-changing world Children’s Choirs are shrinking, and many churches are simply just going without.  The Children and Music Ministries here at Main Street don’t want to see this happen. We truly believe Children’s Music is an important part of our church and the Kingdom of God.  Music teaches, music heals, music above all else pleases God! 

We do understand the need to adapt our programming to best serve our 21st century kids.  Therefore, we switched to the 4-quarter system in September 2018.  This allows kids the option of opting in or out of choir each quarter based on their family’s schedule for that part of the year.  We also carefully planned out the four quarters with new and innovative ideas such as the Christmas Play and Irish Music & Dance.  We hope to teach kids, worshiping God through music does not ONLY mean singing

Choir Groups

Angel Choir: ages 3 and 4

Meets on Sunday Mornings 9:40-10:00 in room 315

Carol Choir: Kindergarten to 5th grade

Meets Wednesday Nights 6:15-7:00 in room 421

If transportation or work conflicts are hindering your child from participating, please call (336-993-3411) or e-mail ( Katie Riddle.  If you have any further questions, please see Nancy Blakemore or Katie Riddle.


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