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Building Plan Info – New Building Dedication May 23, 2021

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Connection Campaign

Each time the Building Committee meets a snapshot of that meeting will be added to this page. This is provided to keep the congregation informed of the progress we are making for our new building project.

May 5 – PARKING LOT construction update:

Our building project is still moving forward and the construction crew has begun work on our parking lot. The driveways off of Oakhurst and Cherry Street are closed to traffic at this time. Due to the construction and until the parking lot is complete, any visitors coming to the church will need to park at the MSUMC Community Garden on the corner of Cherry Street and Oakhurst Street, then walk on the sidewalk up Oakhurst and along Main Street in order to use the side door to the Sanctuary located closer to Main Street (choir door). Your church staff will continue to keep office hours, but it may be easier for church members to call or send mail to the church office while parking is such a challenge.

Sept 26 – Demolition has begun! All doorways entering and exiting the breezeway and the back office door are closed!

Please click on the map for information on how to get around on our church campus.

Connection Map

Sept. 15Groundbreaking Ceremony

August 21, 2019 – Parking & Entrance Info

August 11, 2019 – The Church Council  made a motion to the congregation of MSUMC to accept Wilson Covington as the general contractor for the Connection Campaign Project costing $3,950,000 and to accept borrowing up to two million dollars.  The church has made a leap of faith to move forward with the building project with a vote of 199 for, and 28 against the project.

The planning committee for the town of Kernersville has unanimously approved our plans!

Our Groundbreaking Ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, September 15

July 18 – The Building Committee has met with the architects about our building project. Below are the REVISED timeline plans for the project:

  • Bids will be received on July 31, 2019 at 3:00 pm
  • Called Church Conference (tentative) on Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 9:45am in the sanctuary
  •  Construction to start mid- September or early October

June 20 – A sub-committee met with Perry Peterson to review the 95% drawings. We will meet with the whole committee on Wed. June 26 in the choir room at 6:30 to approve the drawings to be sent to the general contractors.

Below is the goal timeline for the project:

  • Pre-bid at the church July 9, 2019 at 3PM
  • Bid will be received on July 24, 2019 at 3pm
  • called Chirch Conference Sunday, July 28, 2019 at 9:45am in the sanctuary.
  • Construction to start mid-September

April 22 – The Building Committee met with the architect, Peterson and Gordon, to look over the plans. Here’s what’s new:

  • The architects have met with Code Officials regarding the firewalls, exits, and accessibility into the new building and everything in the plans is in line with the building codes.
  • The architects have met with Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing engineers to go over and secure what’s needed to finalize the project plans. They have also met with the surveyors.
  • The architects submitted more detailed drawings to the committee and a sub committee has been formed to pick out the interior finishes for the space.
  • Plans and options for the warming kitchen were clarified.
  • As of Monday, April 22, the architects are 60% complete with the architectural drawings.

April 18 – The Building Committee authorized the architect, Peterson and Gordon, to proceed with the drawings last month and will meet with them on Monday, April 22 to look over the progress. Soon we will be in the final stages of selection of colors and specifics and choosing the list of contractors to invite to bid on the project. Please keep our church, the Building Committee and the Connection Campaign Committee in your prayers as we continue move forward with these

March 28 – The Connection Campaign has 153 pledges totaling $735,225

March 7 – The Connection Campaign has 150 Pledges for $727,925.

Feb. 28 – The Connection Campaign has 147 Pledges for $704,625.

Feb 7 – The Connection Campaign began on Sunday, January 13! As of today we have received 108 pledges for a total of $562,620.  Help us keep this good start going by bringing in your pledge card with you to services on Sunday.

Jan 31The Connection Campaign began on Sunday, January 13! As of today we have received 87 pledges for a total of $470,090. Help us keep this good start going by bringing in your pledge card with you to services on Sunday.  Remember, by making a pledge you will be contributing to the vision of improving the function and accessibility of our church campus.

Jan 10 – The Connection Campaign Begins on Sunday, January 13

The Connection Campaign begins this Sunday, January 13 with Guest and Former MSUMC pastor Rev. Jeff Patterson. Helps us with this new and exciting journey for our church by improving the function and accessibility of our church campus by joining us this Sunday for worship and bringing your completed pledge card with you on. Additional pledge cards will be included in this Sundays bulletin for those who need them. Please prayerfully consider being a part of this opportunity to expand the ministries of Main Street. For more information on our plans visit our website or click on the images below.


Dec. 16 
Thank you to everyone who has contributed money to the Building Up Reaching Out Building Campaign. So far we have received $1,157,812.

Our next capital campaign The Connection Campaign begins on Sunday, January 13. For more information on how you can contribute please call the church office at 993-3411.

Nov. 18th – 

On Sunday, November 18, 2018 at the called Church Conference, there was a presentation by the Vision Committee and the Building Committee about a new building project on our campus.  After a question and answer session and comments, the congregation voted 214 to 7 to proceed with the work of the Building Committee and to launch a Capital Campaign on January 13, 2019 for the purpose of establishing the funds to start construction of a new addition to our facility including a 5% portion of all pledges to be donated to missions.

October 24th – Latest Q & A’s  | Floor Plans  | Site Plans  
Wednesday, October 17— BUILDING COMMITTEE PRESENTATION in the JCG Room at 6:30pm

Bi weekly meetings have occurred between August and September.  These meetings were to make any final changes in the design (which is still preliminary). We also discussed how we would prepare a presentation to the congregation. We gathered all questions that the Building Committee had received. These questions were reviewed by the Committee from different church groups and from prior church projects and organized in a logical manor.

We also reviewed a potential CD presentation with a design group who was to prepare a presentation for the Congregation. Then we prepared a script that would be presented with the CD. A list was prepared to compile all questions in the same place. These presentations start on October 14th .   

We have met with the Location and Building Committee and presented the preliminary proposal. They approved our current proposal which allows us to move forward. The next step is to conclude our small group presentations and present it to the entire group on or about November 4th. A tentative schedule has been prepared through the period when we will start construction.

August 6
Final preliminary plans were presented by the architects. Minor modifications were made. Marc Engle,
Vision Team representative commented that the plan seemed to encompass the issues raised by the
Vision Team of safety/security, handicapped accessibility and a central gathering area. The gathering
area will seat 255 people with chairs or 15 tables with 6 to 8 people per table (80-120 people). Other
areas include a small kitchen, meeting rooms, reception area, covered access, a second level over part of
the gathering area and large elevator that will access all levels. The schematics are basically done. Then
the next step we will need to figure financing. After this we will present it to the district board of
Buildings and Location. A DVD video will be prepared for small group meetings with schematics
included. Small group meetings will occur to present the project to the congregation. After this we will
have a congregational meeting. Architects will prepare construction drawings and begin the bid process.
Construction could begin early June 2019.

July 23. 2018
We reviewed preliminary plans with architects in 3-D format. Suggested further revisions to move stairs
in Gathering Space and make a hall between Education building and Gathering Space for access to
cemetery for caskets. Discussed moving garden area. Two options are possible. This will likely be the
final plan revision. Once the Building Committee approves the plans, the next step will be to submit a
request to the Board of Church Location and Building. This is a big step and we want to make sure it is
correct. The Vision Team has provided us with guidance and their conclusions have helped steer the
Building Committee to meet these goals.

July 9, 2018
Architects submitted revised drawings after our last meeting. Plans include revised square footage, moving main gathering space so it is visible from sanctuary entry. Current layout calls for 11,000 plus sq. ft. A single hospital size elevator for access to all levels. Small kitchen and meeting room off gathering space. Drop off will be double wide drive through. Small modifications to drawings need to be made for access to cemetery from sanctuary. Progress is being made on the design and hopefully will be completed soon.

June 4, 2018
Architects submitted drawings for parking lot designated space and layout included drop off location
and design. Two separate building layouts were presented with from 8,500 to 10,500 feet and both one
story and two story versions. They both contain designs that match suggestions from the Vision
Committee. The Building Committee made numerous suggestions and the Architects will incorporate
these in the next drawings. They will utilize our comments and suggestions. The current drawings are
very preliminary. These will not be shared until we get to a more completed stage.

April 11, 2018
The Architects submitted specs to identify how many people can be included in a meeting in a given
space and this would match the designated use. Example: How many people could fit in a room while
standing, sitting in chairs and sitting at a table. This would be based on how the room would be used
and amount of space available. This gave us a perspective on how many persons would fit in a
designated space.

March 11, 2018
Peterson/Gordan were selected as our architects and approved by Church Council. Other church
projects they have worked on are Shady Grove Wesleyan, Mount Tabor United Methodist and other
churches and businesses throughout North Carolina. Visit their website at
for further information.

Congregational meeting to discuss change in proposed building plans and changes in scope of overall
projects. It incorporates the churches desire to focus on the needs of our church and the resources we
want to have in place before we commit to construction. The desire is to adequately manage our needs
and better utilize our resources. See separate document on Congregational Meeting.

Click here to read the Initial Meeting FAQs. 

MSUMC Building Committee

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